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Beetles on the Battambang Bus

Right where two roads cross, and motorbikes try to park, and sugar cane juice sellers are wielding great long sticks of sugar cane; great big buses do seven-point turns into a sort-of parallel with the road position. It’s the Battambang bus station.

Bus drivers usually panic when they see Sparky’s wheelchair, but we have bus-boarding down to a fine, if not shouting-free, art. First, we give the tickets to Tintin and Meena and Snowy and tell them to get on and grab 5 seats.  We never buy 7 seats, they all like to sit on our laps anyway. Chris picks up Sparky, in her seat, a total weight of 25kg. He carries her onto to the bus where a seat has been saved, and plonks her down. Her seat gets firmly strapped on.

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Our DIY travel wheelchair

On our extensive travel prep lists, one of the two most challenging and important tasks was to acquire a travel wheelchair for Sparky that can go hiking, sit in restaurants, fold small, with a removable seat that can go in cars and planes and on the back of elephants. It needs to be waterproof, unbreakable, reparable from easily available materials, attractive (except to thieves) and cheap.

After two years of reading travel blogs and forums we found no precedent. How do people do it? Surely someone had figured this one out.

This post is the  story of what we did.  Everyone’s needs are different, but  we hope the following is useful to someone!

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