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Our DIY travel wheelchair in action

So, we thought we had come up with a pretty good solution for an all purpose travel wheelchair for our lovely nine year old daughter, Sparky, who has Cerebral Palsy. You may have read about how we put it together here;  We’ve received so many questions about the details of our solution, hopefully the following is useful to some and not too boring for others! Even if you are not a wheelchair user, there is a cool video and Sparky’s great interview.

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Hot and Cold in Beijing

In Beijing the beer is cold, its also very very cheap, and sold on every street corner.

The food is piping hot, and so far, tastes pretty fantastic. The best was beef with chili and cumin. It reminded us of lamb kebabs we once ate, by befriending a picnic of 20 Kurhgestany men picnicking at a camp ground in Rapid Bay, South Australia. No kidding, they had brought a real carpet, and coal fired cooker on their picnic. I have been trying to replicate the taste ever since and failing miserably. Today we had it!

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Us versus Balinese architecture

Everything is so pretty here in Bali.  Even though so much is built of bare concrete, it is soon covered in vivid green moss that thrives in the dampness. However,  with one foul swoop, the much famed Balinese style achieves total baby unsafeness, and almost total wheelchair inaccessibility.

Check out the doorway beside Snowy. It is too narrow for a wheelchair, and it has a hoofing great step to get over.

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