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Phong Nha caves- Vietnam

Who really knows when the Phong Nha caves were first discovered? Indigenous people have lived in the mountains for thousands of years. The Lonely Planet ‘discovered’ them in the last 2 years vaulting the caves to number three on the list of top 20 things to see in Vietnam.  During the ‘American/Vietnam’ war, caves were used as hiding places for people and goods. And today speleological experts from the UK and Germany discover new caves nearly every time they set out in the jungle.

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Cu Chi tunnels – a family story

“Of course she’s coming down the tunnel. Sparky goes everywhere we go”  I kind of enjoyed saying that to the men in uniforms. (They didn’t have guns or anything)   Of course, sometimes, Sparky doesn’t come with us. But we aspire to it, we gear up for it, and we really celebrate when we can make it work.  A nice Australian lady with dickie knees stayed above ground to mind the wheelchair for us, and down we went…

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