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Our DIY travel wheelchair in action

So, we thought we had come up with a pretty good solution for an all purpose travel wheelchair for our lovely nine year old daughter, Sparky, who has Cerebral Palsy. You may have read about how we put it together here;  We’ve received so many questions about the details of our solution, hopefully the following is useful to some and not too boring for others! Even if you are not a wheelchair user, there is a cool video and Sparky’s great interview.

click here to see!


Traveling in China … again

We arrived back in Beijing, China after 29 wonderful days in Mongolia. Our 24 hour train ride unfolded in reverse order to the trip that we took the other way, a month before. The sky got more and more smoggy, the green country turned to desert and then endless cityscape.  The ger chimneys were replaced by giant factory smoke stacks.  The roads got better, and busier, the train platforms more swept, the language harsher, the restaurant car food got better.

We ventured to our previous hotel.  I cannot explain how nice is it to go somewhere familiar. After our Mongolian diet, we knew exactly what we were going to eat too! Vegetables!! (and treats) Yay for Chinese food!!

Doesn’t it look good!


Our one wild and precious life

There’s not much time til our 90 days in China is up. What are we going to do next?

We have some time in Kuala Lumpur, or we could meet up with a few traveling families. Or we could rest and catch up on a bit of homeschool. Or Chris could get stuck into setting up his online business.

After that, we have flights booked for India! This trip will certainly include camel treking and finding a place on the beach to rest up and eating all things spicy and delicious.  There are some therapy centres we want to visit with Sparky.

Oh, and we’d like to go to beautiful Udaipur.

We are very excited to be going home for Christmas, and just in time for a sunny summer. Maybe we’ll go down south and camp near the beach…

some more thoughts…


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