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Welcome to Mongolia!

Sain Bai Nu Mongolia!

It was 1am when we crossed the border from China into Mongolia, with much clanking and jolting, as the bogies on the train were changed from China’s narrower gauge to Mongolia’s wider gauge. It took three hours, and the toilets were locked the whole time. Uh Oh.

We got off the train in the capital, Ullaanbaatar. There are only 3 million people in Mongolia, and half of them live in UB. There are 39 million horses!

We’ve been here one day, and so far we’ve seen:

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Xi’an – a trip that was almost worth it

The terracotta warriors, since their discovery in 1976, have toured the world as exhibition items in museums.  I saw them in Perth as a primary school student.

But we could not pass up the opportunity to see the thousand of warriors in the actual ground where they’ve stood guard for 2200 years. So we booked overnight train tickets to Xi’an. It was an uneventful trip, we enjoy trains and this one was just fine. In fact it was the most luxurious train trip we’ve had, we even had clean sheets, our very own power point and disposable slippers which Chris was quick to try out.

click here for the slippers photo!


Hot and Cold in Beijing

In Beijing the beer is cold, its also very very cheap, and sold on every street corner.

The food is piping hot, and so far, tastes pretty fantastic. The best was beef with chili and cumin. It reminded us of lamb kebabs we once ate, by befriending a picnic of 20 Kurhgestany men picnicking at a camp ground in Rapid Bay, South Australia. No kidding, they had brought a real carpet, and coal fired cooker on their picnic. I have been trying to replicate the taste ever since and failing miserably. Today we had it!

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