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The Great Wall of China

Well, you just can’t go to China and not visit the Great Wall.  It was a massive day, a milestone, a challenge and an adventure.   After months of talking about it, reading about it and imagining it, we hiked on the wall!

Chris took some great pics. He tells me there are three dragonflies for you to find somewhere in the photos.  I haven’t found them yet, I’ll race you!

And I’ll let Meena and Tintin tell the story.

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Hot and Cold in Beijing

In Beijing the beer is cold, its also very very cheap, and sold on every street corner.

The food is piping hot, and so far, tastes pretty fantastic. The best was beef with chili and cumin. It reminded us of lamb kebabs we once ate, by befriending a picnic of 20 Kurhgestany men picnicking at a camp ground in Rapid Bay, South Australia. No kidding, they had brought a real carpet, and coal fired cooker on their picnic. I have been trying to replicate the taste ever since and failing miserably. Today we had it!

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On not visiting an orphanage in Cambodia

A long time ago, Chris and I worked in an institutional care setting as foster parents with a number of vulnerable children. We lived in the same house, and were responsible for their everyday needs. We were ‘foster mum’ and ‘foster dad’ . It was hard.

Anyway, not once did a mini van full of tourists pull up and come in to hug, kiss and photograph the children. I would have called the police!! And never, ever, did the children have to dress up and dance to earn enough money to buy themselves food and clothing.

No, they were considered vulnerable, and entitled to privacy and security. As a matter of basic human rights they also received education, recreation, food, clothing shelter and participated appropriately in the community. I cannot tell you their names or why they were in care. I certainly can’t put their photos online.  The child protection system in Australia has many shortcomings, but this much at least, I believe, was done right.

In Cambodia, however, its a very different story.

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