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Dropping in home

Being ever so close to Australia in Bali, and air tickets to Perth being only  $50 each, we thought we’d pop home for a couple of weeks and see the family. And eat cheese.

Popping home was a great idea but 2 1/2 weeks wasn’t long enough.  We had so many stupid little errands to run and bits of mucking around to do, we felt rushed and stressed. These are now unfamiliar feelings for us, and we don’t like them! We don’t want to get used to them again!


However, we spent lots of time with family and it was lovely.
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Phong Nha Caves – the other part of the story

Yesterday I wrote all about the Phong Nha Caves and  the Vietnam/American war, here it is if you missed it.

But the other part of the story is that we had a small victory of our own. My intrepid Mum had joined us a few days earlier, and with such a boost to our adult/child ratio, we attempted CYCLING!!!  The visit to the river in the cave was done by bike, with Sparky and Baby Boy in slings. Wooo Hooo!

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New / different / cultural … wrong

It is really important to people in SE Asia to know which of our 5 children is the eldest.  As our three eldest are quadruplets, that makes for a fairly lengthy chat to a seemingly basic question. And lots of totally intrusive personal interrogation. And lots of ‘thumbs up’ for Chris for being such a ‘strong man’. Hello?

People also want to know how many are girls and how many are boys. Since we shaved our heads, it is not always clear to the onlooker which is which.  So we learnt ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ in Malay, Thai, Khmer  and now….. Vietnamese. In Vietnam, it seems, if you can’t answer the question, they find out by grabbing at your child’s crotch.   I didn’t see it happen the first time, but I heard all about it. My kids were cross and offended. It has happened a number of times.

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