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The Great White Lake and the pathetic dodgy vehicles.


They have these cool Russian vans in Mongolia. Like the icecream, Mongolians think that anything from Russia is superior (excepting of course, occupation and nation wide hunger. Eighteen years later, the youth of Mongolia don’t really remember.)

We expected such a van when we emerged, bags packed, from our hostel.  We were leaving Tsetserleg for the Great White Lake 180kms away.  Instead we found a really dodgy brothers van, whose boot didn’t shut.  We piled in, along with three others sharing the costs.  Then two people introduced to us as ‘the driver’s brother’ and ‘the driver’s mother’ roll started it.  Uh oh.

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We are heading into uncharted territory

So, we are off to China. Never been there, don’t speak Mandarin. No worries.

The more foreboding uncharted territory is ‘traveling with toddler’. We’ve not really done it before…

We left our home in Perth in May 2009 to drive around Australia. Snowy was 2 1/4. So, kind-of an old toddler. In nappies, yes, and very committed to his dummy, true, but also pretty good at walking and talking, using a spoon, and all that.
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Us versus Balinese architecture

Everything is so pretty here in Bali.  Even though so much is built of bare concrete, it is soon covered in vivid green moss that thrives in the dampness. However,  with one foul swoop, the much famed Balinese style achieves total baby unsafeness, and almost total wheelchair inaccessibility.

Check out the doorway beside Snowy. It is too narrow for a wheelchair, and it has a hoofing great step to get over.

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