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Traveling in China with five children


Well, for the first time, its the five children, not the wheelchair that is putting us in the spotlight

In China, a ‘family room’ has a double and a single bed.

In China, a ‘family meal’ at McDonalds has three burgers and three chips.

In China, I’ve lost count of the time we’ve seen a baby out and about with both Grandmas, each doting on their one mutual grandchild.  So I fully understand that we are an anomaly.   A big loud blonde-haired fair-skinned English speaking anomoly.  That MUST be photographed.

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The Great White Lake and the pathetic dodgy vehicles.


They have these cool Russian vans in Mongolia. Like the icecream, Mongolians think that anything from Russia is superior (excepting of course, occupation and nation wide hunger. Eighteen years later, the youth of Mongolia don’t really remember.)

We expected such a van when we emerged, bags packed, from our hostel.  We were leaving Tsetserleg for the Great White Lake 180kms away.  Instead we found a really dodgy brothers van, whose boot didn’t shut.  We piled in, along with three others sharing the costs.  Then two people introduced to us as ‘the driver’s brother’ and ‘the driver’s mother’ roll started it.  Uh oh.

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Mongolia- we didn’t come for the food!

Mongolian food has no nuance, no subtlety, no balance of flavours.  The flavours are salt, sugar and fat. The meat (and there is always meat) comes in slabs or ground. The potatoes come in bulk, and the greens are a nominal, and soggy optional afterthought. There’s a strong emphasis on filling you up; food as fuel, rather than as a creative expression, an art form or an opportunity to experiment with many and varied flavours and textures.

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