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21 ways to tell you are living like a Mongolian Nomad

This post was written by my biggest boy, Tintin. That’s him on the horse. I’m so proud of his storytelling, and he’d be super chuffed if you commented below, if you enjoy it too. I asked him, ‘What’s different about what we are experiencing here? How would you know if you were living like a Mongolian Nomad?’ Here are his answers:

1. When you wake up in the morning you would  see this;

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Cu Chi tunnels – a family story

“Of course she’s coming down the tunnel. Sparky goes everywhere we go”  I kind of enjoyed saying that to the men in uniforms. (They didn’t have guns or anything)   Of course, sometimes, Sparky doesn’t come with us. But we aspire to it, we gear up for it, and we really celebrate when we can make it work.  A nice Australian lady with dickie knees stayed above ground to mind the wheelchair for us, and down we went…

Click here to see the tunel photos


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