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Dropping in home

Being ever so close to Australia in Bali, and air tickets to Perth being only  $50 each, we thought we’d pop home for a couple of weeks and see the family. And eat cheese.

Popping home was a great idea but 2 1/2 weeks wasn’t long enough.  We had so many stupid little errands to run and bits of mucking around to do, we felt rushed and stressed. These are now unfamiliar feelings for us, and we don’t like them! We don’t want to get used to them again!


However, we spent lots of time with family and it was lovely.
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Traveling with children involves a lot of food. Sometimes, I feel like all we do is go in search of things to eat. Our children are always hungry.  Fortunately we trained ’em up good and proper to eat anything and everything. Mostly.  Rather than deciding afresh every day how to ‘do food’ we developed a few guidelines for own kids.

  • Before eating, wash your hands, and then try not to wipe them all over the dirty table, random animals or your own skanky feet. And I do carry alcohol wipey stuff, my children don’t just get dirty, they actively seek out dirt.

don’t click here if you’re fasting…


Hoi An – pretty as a picture

Hoi An is everything that is pretty and picturesque about Vietnam, without so much that is noisy and dirty and harsh.  They call it the Disneyland of Vietnam. Here are some glimpses of our days in Hoi An…

…breakfast, crusty french bread with real french butter.


…. curio shops selling model ships.

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