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Our DIY travel wheelchair in action

So, we thought we had come up with a pretty good solution for an all purpose travel wheelchair for our lovely nine year old daughter, Sparky, who has Cerebral Palsy. You may have read about how we put it together here;  We’ve received so many questions about the details of our solution, hopefully the following is useful to some and not too boring for others! Even if you are not a wheelchair user, there is a cool video and Sparky’s great interview.

click here to see!


On liking and leaving Vietnam

In Vietnam, we have been shouted at, scolded, grabbed, ripped off and blatantly lied to. Over and over. It was pretty hard.

The minute we arrived in Asia we noticed that people would stare at Sparky in her wheelchair. People often ask questions or shake her hand and say hello.  But in Vietnam they pointed and laughed and called their friends over to have a look.  The only good thing about it is the indignation her siblings feel, for the first time really, on her behalf. They know its not OK to demean her like that, AND because now they’ve tasted it themselves. I want them to feel the fire of indignation and righteous anger, contempt for discrimination, and a strong and long lasting  passion for equality and inclusion. They’re going to need it.

click here to see our final pictures of Vietnam


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