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Penang – same same but different

Well, we are right back where we started, nearly a year ago.

Last November, we arrived in Penang after a few quick days of therapy appointments for Sparky in Singapore. Our train from KL was cancelled and we got an overpriced bus that landed us in no mans land at the mercy of extortionate taxi drivers x2.

We had shaved heads and were travel greenies. We stayed in a backpackers for $55 a night and didn’t know where to go for breakfast. We paid too much for a T-shirt that ended up shrinking the first time we washed it. We were still using our baby porta cot and sterilizing water.

We were in recovery from the madness of packing up our home and stuff and quitting work and leaving school.

  but this time it was really different. Have a look!


Dropping in home

Being ever so close to Australia in Bali, and air tickets to Perth being only  $50 each, we thought we’d pop home for a couple of weeks and see the family. And eat cheese.

Popping home was a great idea but 2 1/2 weeks wasn’t long enough.  We had so many stupid little errands to run and bits of mucking around to do, we felt rushed and stressed. These are now unfamiliar feelings for us, and we don’t like them! We don’t want to get used to them again!


However, we spent lots of time with family and it was lovely.
Click here and see what we enjoyed in Perth


Uluwatu chill

Funky cafes in Uluwatu play Bob Marley and the staff walk, talk and get organised at about at 3/4 speed. Down here at the southern tip of Bali there’s not much traffic and most of it is scooters with surboard racks ridden by bronzed Australians blokes with bikini clad girls on the back.  Early in the morning, surfers checks out the coast by scooter, and then choose a beach  with the best waves.  Hours later they come in and buy an Uluwatu special ‘peanut butter, banana and chocolate milkshake’  Chris had a quick surf, but skipped the milkshake!

Click here for an Uluwatu chill


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