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Traveling in China with five children


Well, for the first time, its the five children, not the wheelchair that is putting us in the spotlight

In China, a ‘family room’ has a double and a single bed.

In China, a ‘family meal’ at McDonalds has three burgers and three chips.

In China, I’ve lost count of the time we’ve seen a baby out and about with both Grandmas, each doting on their one mutual grandchild.  So I fully understand that we are an anomaly.   A big loud blonde-haired fair-skinned English speaking anomoly.  That MUST be photographed.

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We are heading into uncharted territory

So, we are off to China. Never been there, don’t speak Mandarin. No worries.

The more foreboding uncharted territory is ‘traveling with toddler’. We’ve not really done it before…

We left our home in Perth in May 2009 to drive around Australia. Snowy was 2 1/4. So, kind-of an old toddler. In nappies, yes, and very committed to his dummy, true, but also pretty good at walking and talking, using a spoon, and all that.
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Dropping in home

Being ever so close to Australia in Bali, and air tickets to Perth being only  $50 each, we thought we’d pop home for a couple of weeks and see the family. And eat cheese.

Popping home was a great idea but 2 1/2 weeks wasn’t long enough.  We had so many stupid little errands to run and bits of mucking around to do, we felt rushed and stressed. These are now unfamiliar feelings for us, and we don’t like them! We don’t want to get used to them again!


However, we spent lots of time with family and it was lovely.
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