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Traveling with Grandma

We’ve had my Mum travel with us for 2 1/2 weeks, starting in Ulaanbaatar, and flying out of Shanghai. Its the third time she has joined us on our travels, and she is now officially welcome anytime.

My daughter Sparky volunteered to tell you all about it. (Sparky has Cerebral Palsy and is non-verbal. She told this story using her PODD, a book of organized symbols she scans with her eyes)

Travelling with Grandma – by Sparky

Grandma is great fun and wonderful. I think I’m lucky and traveling with her is awesome.¬†Grandma and I enjoy painting and standing together. I enjoy having many cuddles with Grandma.

click here for Sparky’s reflections


Hoi An – pretty as a picture

Hoi An is everything that is pretty and picturesque about Vietnam, without so much that is noisy and dirty and harsh.¬† They call it the Disneyland of Vietnam. Here are some glimpses of our days in Hoi An…

…breakfast, crusty french bread with real french butter.


…. curio shops selling model ships.

Click to see what else we got up to


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