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The Great White Lake and the pathetic dodgy vehicles.


They have these cool Russian vans in Mongolia. Like the icecream, Mongolians think that anything from Russia is superior (excepting of course, occupation and nation wide hunger. Eighteen years later, the youth of Mongolia don’t really remember.)

We expected such a van when we emerged, bags packed, from our hostel.  We were leaving Tsetserleg for the Great White Lake 180kms away.  Instead we found a really dodgy brothers van, whose boot didn’t shut.  We piled in, along with three others sharing the costs.  Then two people introduced to us as ‘the driver’s brother’ and ‘the driver’s mother’ roll started it.  Uh oh.

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The fickleness of the not-so-hardcore traveler

After 4 hrs of waiting to be collected, two breakfasts but no lunch, we left the city of Ulaanbaatar for the Terelj National Park.  Our driver and his wife stopped for meat, potatoes and a large crate of vodka. Entering the national park, we passed people selling fresh milk in coke bottles, and freshly skinned sheep skins, out the front of the family ger.    We drove past all the tourist camps,  past where the bitumen turned to gravel.  This is beautiful, I said, I’m so glad we didn’t go with some organised tour group.

We ate, and slept. Our first night in a ger…

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21 ways to tell you are living like a Mongolian Nomad

This post was written by my biggest boy, Tintin. That’s him on the horse. I’m so proud of his storytelling, and he’d be super chuffed if you commented below, if you enjoy it too. I asked him, ‘What’s different about what we are experiencing here? How would you know if you were living like a Mongolian Nomad?’ Here are his answers:

1. When you wake up in the morning you would  see this;

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