Now I’m in Nepal cooking on my DIY stove


The blockade of Nepal by India shows no sign of winding down. It is really scary that as winter looms many people will really suffer, no petrol, no cooking gas, raised prices, closed factories, closed schools, closed businesses. Hungry cold people. Hospitals without medication. And that’s just here in Kathmandu. As in so many situations, it’s the poor and isolated folks who will feel it worse, and get help last.

We have some gas left, but we are saving it for emergencies.

So I decided to try making an alternative fuel stove in my kitchen.

here’s the bit about the fire


Let us buy our daily bread!


I’m going to get very ranty in a minute. But first, looks at these gorgeous golden wheat fields we drove through the other day on a very long drive across the country.

“Hoping for a bumper crop this year” said the farmer at the information office, where we pulled in.

Here are the silos that will be full to the brim with grain.


As a commited bargain hunter, frugalista and sometime dumpster diver, I’m pretty upset at a couple of big bakeries here in Australia. They know who they are.

here’s what happens


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