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Capture the colour

As part of travel supermarket’s photography competition, today I am showing some of Chris’ favourite photos from our recent travels.  ‘Capture the colour’ is about choosing great photos about five colours, blue, red, yellow, white and green.

Here are our photos:

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On liking and leaving Vietnam

In Vietnam, we have been shouted at, scolded, grabbed, ripped off and blatantly lied to. Over and over. It was pretty hard.

The minute we arrived in Asia we noticed that people would stare at Sparky in her wheelchair. People often ask questions or shake her hand and say hello.  But in Vietnam they pointed and laughed and called their friends over to have a look.  The only good thing about it is the indignation her siblings feel, for the first time really, on her behalf. They know its not OK to demean her like that, AND because now they’ve tasted it themselves. I want them to feel the fire of indignation and righteous anger, contempt for discrimination, and a strong and long lasting  passion for equality and inclusion. They’re going to need it.

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Phong Nha Caves – the other part of the story

Yesterday I wrote all about the Phong Nha Caves and  the Vietnam/American war, here it is if you missed it.

But the other part of the story is that we had a small victory of our own. My intrepid Mum had joined us a few days earlier, and with such a boost to our adult/child ratio, we attempted CYCLING!!!  The visit to the river in the cave was done by bike, with Sparky and Baby Boy in slings. Wooo Hooo!

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