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The fickleness of the not-so-hardcore traveler

After 4 hrs of waiting to be collected, two breakfasts but no lunch, we left the city of Ulaanbaatar for the Terelj National Park.  Our driver and his wife stopped for meat, potatoes and a large crate of vodka. Entering the national park, we passed people selling fresh milk in coke bottles, and freshly skinned sheep skins, out the front of the family ger.    We drove past all the tourist camps,  past where the bitumen turned to gravel.  This is beautiful, I said, I’m so glad we didn’t go with some organised tour group.

We ate, and slept. Our first night in a ger…

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Traveling with children involves a lot of food. Sometimes, I feel like all we do is go in search of things to eat. Our children are always hungry.  Fortunately we trained ’em up good and proper to eat anything and everything. Mostly.  Rather than deciding afresh every day how to ‘do food’ we developed a few guidelines for own kids.

  • Before eating, wash your hands, and then try not to wipe them all over the dirty table, random animals or your own skanky feet. And I do carry alcohol wipey stuff, my children don’t just get dirty, they actively seek out dirt.

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Oh travel, what have you done to my husband?

Its officially six months since we flew the coop, and we’ve been in SE Asia the whole time.   Something strange has started happening to my husband Chris.  It started with him shaving his armpits.  Then he started reading. You know, books.

First it was The Hobbit but then he moved onto, Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austin’s famous heart wrenching story of love, impropriety and highly complex, yet grammatically impeccable sentences.

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