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Crossing the Nullarbor


Distances of over 300km separate Australia’s Nullarbor road houses, which stick up like modern day oases of over priced fuel and exorbitant food  ($7 for a hotdog!). The occasional road house prides it self on having real coffee, the others pride themselves on NOT having real coffee, and smug signs in the window express their disdain for city dwellers who ask silly questions like ‘do you have today’s paper’ or ‘can I wash my car?’.The paper won’t be in ’til next week, and water is strictly limited. In fact, a short shower will cost you $4.

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Fourteen trains and a wedding


Three months ago we had a run-in with the fantastical confustication that is Indian Rail. We needed to leave lovely Goa, to get to Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) to catch our flight home to Perth for my brother’s wedding. We HAD to catch that flight. It landed only 34 hours before they were to walk down the aisle!

However, despite there being daily trains from Magdaon in Goa, to Trichy, and other daily trains via Kochi, and yet more trains via Bangalore, not single one had room for us, not even in first class (which we wouldn’t usually shell out for)

ENTER the waitlist system. this is what happened!


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