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Our very own Attraversiamo*

We did it.  We have crossed over.  A plateauing of the learning curve perhaps, a changing from second gear to third.  Maybe a small degree of mastery.  A few lessons lessons learned, whatever you want to call it. We’ve had a good day.

We survived a 5:30 am start. A five hour third class train trip.  Then we dodged both the Thai/Cambodia border scams. The normal one, with the fake visa office asking $30 and strangely friendly guard and gang of complicit tuk tuk drivers.  And the other one, especially reserved for families where they try to charge for children’s visas, which are officially free.   When you insist on not paying for free visas, they say ‘come on, just $5, you help me, I help you.’  In other words ‘Welcome to Cambodia, we are not ashamed to scam you.’

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Bottle Beach Bliss

Bottle Beach is on the non-Full Moon Party side of Koh Phangan and is approached only by boat. There is no good coffee in any of the  four restaurants. Our restaurant only had 2 CDs on constant rotation. The electricity went out every day just as the sun went down…

But none of that mattered.

We had a week of swimming and friends and food and sleep.  There was a lookout to be climbed, and for the first time ever, Sparky  did not miss out on rock scrambling. The water was turquoise. The air was quiet. And it was beautiful.

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