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Traveling in China … again

We arrived back in Beijing, China after 29 wonderful days in Mongolia. Our 24 hour train ride unfolded in reverse order to the trip that we took the other way, a month before. The sky got more and more smoggy, the green country turned to desert and then endless cityscape.  The ger chimneys were replaced by giant factory smoke stacks.  The roads got better, and busier, the train platforms more swept, the language harsher, the restaurant car food got better.

We ventured to our previous hotel.  I cannot explain how nice is it to go somewhere familiar. After our Mongolian diet, we knew exactly what we were going to eat too! Vegetables!! (and treats) Yay for Chinese food!!

Doesn’t it look good!


Capture the colour

As part of travel supermarket’s photography competition, today I am showing some of Chris’ favourite photos from our recent travels.  ‘Capture the colour’ is about choosing great photos about five colours, blue, red, yellow, white and green.

Here are our photos:

Click here to see them


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