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One year of travel: one hundred people

This guy looks really scary!!  But we met him while he was putting his make up on, so we knew he was ok! He had trained for 10 years to become a Kathakali dancer.

This week marks one year of travel for us! To celebrate, we are doing a wander down memory lane. Check out 99 other memorable people we met this year:

A young backpacker with scooter exhaust pipe burns all up her legs. One of many.

A free diver named “Soup” who free dove to meet Chris at 18m and freaked him out.  He had fins longer than Chris’s arm!!

A well spoken and educated Cambodian guy who had been a ‘sponsor child’. He organised our trip around Battambang.

War photographer whose replacement in Syria was recently killed.

click here for photos of the rest


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