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Homemade alternative stove-Nepal

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This is a post about how I’ve been cooking for my family during the gas embargo.  If you are currently living in Nepal and trying to cook, please read!!    I’d really like to hear what’s working for everyone else.  This is how to make an oil stove:


3 x small tuna tins, empty and clean

old pot that’s going to get really black and may never be the same again, and fits the three tins

thick cardboard

vegetable oil (I’m using sunflower)

the ring from your gas stove, if it fits securely on the pot that’s going to get black, like this




pot grippers or pliers like these


old newspaper

safe bench top or floor space, well ventilated and away from all the children, goats, etc

hot mits


here’s how to put it all together


Now I’m in Nepal cooking on my DIY stove


The blockade of Nepal by India shows no sign of winding down. It is really scary that as winter looms many people will really suffer, no petrol, no cooking gas, raised prices, closed factories, closed schools, closed businesses. Hungry cold people. Hospitals without medication. And that’s just here in Kathmandu. As in so many situations, it’s the poor and isolated folks who will feel it worse, and get help last.

We have some gas left, but we are saving it for emergencies.

So I decided to try making an alternative fuel stove in my kitchen.

here’s the bit about the fire


Our DIY travel wheelchair in action

So, we thought we had come up with a pretty good solution for an all purpose travel wheelchair for our lovely nine year old daughter, Sparky, who has Cerebral Palsy. You may have read about how we put it together here;  We’ve received so many questions about the details of our solution, hopefully the following is useful to some and not too boring for others! Even if you are not a wheelchair user, there is a cool video and Sparky’s great interview.

click here to see!


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