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Marvelous Monday Morning Moments 1

I am starting a series of blog posts called Marvellous Monday Morning Moments. This is to celebrate NOT getting up, groaning, and dragging ourselves through a Mondayitis infected morning of finding school uniforms, making lunches, being tired, saying goodbye to Chris as he heads out the door to work, and starting on Monday’s job; the laundry mountain.

Marvelous Monday Morning Moments are not about saying “nah nah na nah nah” to all those people who do, in fact, have to get up and go to school and work. It’s just us sitting back, pausing and saying, “wow, what we are doing today is a wonderful privilege, lets celebrate all of it; especially Monday Mornings” (Marvelous Monday Morning Moments may or may not be posted on Mondays…..I suspect today is at least Thursday….)

And to kick things off, todays post is written by Meena, and its about a special Monday morning outing she and I had together.

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