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Uluwatu chill

Funky cafes in Uluwatu play Bob Marley and the staff walk, talk and get organised at about at 3/4 speed. Down here at the southern tip of Bali there’s not much traffic and most of it is scooters with surboard racks ridden by bronzed Australians blokes with bikini clad girls on the back.  Early in the morning, surfers checks out the coast by scooter, and then choose a beach  with the best waves.  Hours later they come in and buy an Uluwatu special ‘peanut butter, banana and chocolate milkshake’  Chris had a quick surf, but skipped the milkshake!

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Us versus Balinese architecture

Everything is so pretty here in Bali.  Even though so much is built of bare concrete, it is soon covered in vivid green moss that thrives in the dampness. However,  with one foul swoop, the much famed Balinese style achieves total baby unsafeness, and almost total wheelchair inaccessibility.

Check out the doorway beside Snowy. It is too narrow for a wheelchair, and it has a hoofing great step to get over.

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