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And then I had surgery


I went into hospital for surgery, this emblem sat above my hospital bed.  My body is not big or strong and I do not have child bearing hips. And I’ve had a whole bunch of babies. Six, actually, and the first four all came all at once.  I don’t regret any of it for a second, but let’s just say that my body paid a pretty big price. My back has ached for ten years. And my physiotherapist looked at my tummy and laughed saying “no amount of pilates is going to fix that!”
you see…


Capture the colour

As part of travel supermarket’s photography competition, today I am showing some of Chris’ favourite photos from our recent travels.  ‘Capture the colour’ is about choosing great photos about five colours, blue, red, yellow, white and green.

Here are our photos:

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The first 24 hours in a new country … again

Cambodia had the last laugh. Would you believe this is the official landing jetty for the riverside immigration office?  Try getting a wheelchair off the boat onto that! We also had harsh words with the ferry company, which failed to pick us up as planned, let the boat go without us and then asked for more money to put us on a different boat.  So we grumped for a bit, and then shook ourselves free of that and decided to enjoy the boat ride, to Chau Doc, Vietnam.

here’s what we saw


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