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Let us buy our daily bread!


I’m going to get very ranty in a minute. But first, looks at these gorgeous golden wheat fields we drove through the other day on a very long drive across the country.

“Hoping for a bumper crop this year” said the farmer at the information office, where we pulled in.

Here are the silos that will be full to the brim with grain.


As a commited bargain hunter, frugalista and sometime dumpster diver, I’m pretty upset at a couple of big bakeries here in Australia. They know who they are.

here’s what happens


A rant and a $75 giveaway

There’s a bit in the bible where Jesus is sorting out the sheep from the goats and says

‘I was hungry and you fed me, I was sick and you visited me,  I needed clothes and you clothed me

How I live is important to Jesus. He determines whether I truly loved him by seeing how I treat other people. Less talk, more action, if you like.  I reckon its a good system.

Well, I haven’t clothed any poor people lately, but it appears the poor have been clothing me.

I’ll show you what I mean


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