Catching up, catching on and a couple of catches



Catching up

Umm, woops sorry. We are NOT still stuck on the Nullabor. We made it back to Perth, spent too much money getting the car fixed and registered, and then sold it at a loss.  Turns out the reason people don’t buy old cars and old caravans and tow them around is because the old ones are worn out and expensive to fix. Who would have thunk it?

Catching on

So I’ve had a big break from blogging. I freaked myself right out about over-disclosure. There were bits I was not going to and never will share! But I was feeling like it is dishonest to skip bits. And it is certainly inaacurate to paint half a picture and claim its the whole picture. But I’m not sure I’ve ever claimed to tell the whole picture, but I never actually said I wasn’t.

If I start blogging again, and I think I might, I’m just going to tell stories, not the WHOLE story. Why? Well, some of it is boring, some of it involves other people and is not my business to tell, and some of it is not your business. And some is personal and painful and there is QUITE enough of THAT on the internet without me adding my version. The challenge of course, is not to paint a picture that is misleading; as if to say my life and thoughts are all of the rosy pink variety. But I’m reading some good writers and slowly I’m catching on; it IS possible to tell good stories, and paint good pictures and show good glimpses, even if they are just the tip of the iceberg. Shall I have another go? Would you read it?


A few catches

Well, the car was a big mistake. And Chris now has a job. It’s great in that its highly flexible, pays in actual money, is part time and involves travel.  Its only ‘a catch’ because it means we will be stuck in Australia for a bit.   The alternative was to run low on money, and, by all accounts, that’s a bit sticky too.


I’d like to tell you about the travel we’ve done in the last five months, both here in Australia and (a bit) overseas. We have some lovely lovely pics. We’ve been doing some thinking.


Thanks to all those who called in to ask how were were.  We are, on a global scale, extraordinarily well and very grateful for it.  How are you?

Stay tuned.





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