Marvelous Monday Morning Moments 1

I am starting a series of blog posts called Marvellous Monday Morning Moments. This is to celebrate NOT getting up, groaning, and dragging ourselves through a Mondayitis infected morning of finding school uniforms, making lunches, being tired, saying goodbye to Chris as he heads out the door to work, and starting on Monday’s job; the laundry mountain.

Marvelous Monday Morning Moments are not about saying “nah nah na nah nah” to all those people who do, in fact, have to get up and go to school and work. It’s just us sitting back, pausing and saying, “wow, what we are doing today is a wonderful privilege, lets celebrate all of it; especially Monday Mornings” (Marvelous Monday Morning Moments may or may not be posted on Mondays…..I suspect today is at least Thursday….)

And to kick things off, todays post is written by Meena, and its about a special Monday morning outing she and I had together.

We woke up at 6am to go to a cooking class. It took about an hour to get to Georgetown where the cooking class was. We had roti for breakfast with all the cooking students. I had a lime drink. Nazlina took us around the market and we brought a few things to cook. We bought turmeric, pink garlic, and some fish. The way you tell which fish is good for laksa is that the fish has to be black and small.

Nazlina had her own aprons and she gave one to each of us. It was hard for Mum to put her apron on because Baby Boy was in the sling. I peeled the ginger with a spoon. Before I peeled the garlic, we had to scale the fish and get the guts out and cut the muscle in the mouth. After we cut the muscle off, I could open the fish’s mouth easily and I showed Baby Boy how the mouth opened and he laughed.

We crushed some things up with the morter and pestle and the grinding stone to crush the chilli and turmeric. There were two grinding stones, one big and one small, I used the small one. Baby Boy wanted to use it but he might have wated the chilli and burnt his tongue. We put it into a soup and cooked it for half an hour. We each tasted it; it was spicy and delicious. After that we each lined up to cook our noodles, by dipping them in a strainer for 10 second into boiling water. Then the laksa soup went on top. There was pineapple lettuce and cucumber for toppings, Baby Boy ate some!

It was a wonderful day!

Nazlina’s Penang cooking school is highly recomemended. Classes run from 7am to 1pm and involved a long walk throught the wet market, and fresh market. We cooked Penang asam laksa, and spicy fried chicken, and ate the lot for lunch.  Did you know that laksa is the 7th most delicious food it the world? (as if that is remotely quatifyable!)

Anyway, it had our vote!

Thanks Meena for coming cooking with Mummy and writing today’s post, and to Baby Boy for tagging along.

Chris and the other children trailed us during the market tour, check out his first ever youtube video!

YouTube Preview Image


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3 Responses to Marvelous Monday Morning Moments 1

  1. Bampa February 17, 2012 at 9:29 am #

    Meena, you write a great blog. Well done. Super photos and video. Keep up the intriging story.

    • Jill February 17, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

      Thankyou Bampa. I dont really think they’re such good photos because they arent the exact photos becuase we lost the small camera. Thanks for the encouragement. Meena .

  2. Tracy February 23, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    What a great storyteller in the making! I love all the descriptions of the fish, I can almost picture it (particularly the making the fish’s mouth open part). Sounds like a great cooking class. I have done a couple in Penang but none that include a walk through the wet markets. That would have been fantastic.

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