Practice, planning, packing

As soon as Chris handed in his phone and credit card, said goodbye and left work for the last time, we set off for a five day practice run in preparation for SE Asia.  We caught buses and trains south of Perth to Fremantle, Busselton and Pinjarra.

At the backpackr’s hostel in Fremantle, the children made friends from all over and enjoyed the table tennis. Here we are making lunch in the communal kitchen.

Wow, traveling better not be this expensive in SE Asia. Backpacking is NOT the way to go in Australia, at least not for large families when you have to pay per bed. The practice was worth it, however, and we spent another couple of days back home tweeking Sparky’s wheelchair and our gear list.

Several final hard days’ work saw all our wordly possesions packed into our sea container. Gone. Bye Bye See you later stuff. Brilliant.


Its amazing how much work we put into all the useless stuff we aren’t taking. As for what we are taking, there are four small teddies, an emu and a superman cape. And a few non-essentials.

We have five backpacks and a roly bag. We really would like NOT to have the roly bag, but it contains all Sparky’s therapy equipment and its a non-negotiable for us that we maintain her therapy program.  We have three sets of clothes each, one pair of shoes and no other toys.  Lets hope we realise much of it is extraneous and reduce our load further as we go.  For now, I’m not sure what could be cut out.

Hmmmm looks like a lot. Here’s Chris weighing his pack.

Woops. 18kg is a bit much when you have to push a wheelchair as well. Mine is only 10kg which nicely balances out the 9kg baby on my front!

In a frantic last minute effort we organised some travel insurance. We found a friend to make good use of our wheelchair van.  The 6am flight was delayed til 11am. Highly recommended.  Everyone could do with a few spare hours they didn’t know they had!

And then, one-way tickets in hand, we were off! Hopefully the beginning of an adventure, or at the very least, a journey, or failing that, a change of scene…..

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