Hakuna Matada! (nearly)

We are doing akuna matada training with the children.

Learning to say “no worries”

“Oh, someone else ate the last piece,  no worries”

“Someone else didn’t carry their stuff in from the car, I have to do it. no worries”

“We are having one of my least favorite foods for dinner, no worries”

And so on.  Learning to let it go, to not dwell on the little stuff, to not get petty when there’s bigger fish to fry.

Sometimes we have to cut into a heated discussion between children and say. ” repeat after me…. No worries ”
We still get outrage over things like who gets the blue cup, and who gets the coveted seat next to the baby. But now and then, we hear the children say it themselves. We are hoping this skills will help us on our travels, and have no doubt there will be opportunity to practise it.

And it certainly helps to have the song playing in our heads.

A kuna matada!!

Hakuna Matata(English)

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