Tourists in our own town- for practice!

We set ourselves a task: walk 5 km, check out some local attractions, and try out some gear. That shouldn’t be too hard! We tested;

  • Keens sandals
  • Ergo baby back pack
  • Children’s backpacks
  • Using the ipod for audio stories
  • A homemade take-anywhere mat to lie on

So, we started with a hike up Wireless Hill.  Its spring and the wildflowers are out.  So are the creepy crawlies.

Bobtail lizards, I DO NOT like!


There was a “liberty wheelchair” swing. I know some people love them, but I just can’t get over the rigmarole of going to the office to get the key, and the over-the-top safety instructions. Not to mention the separate fenced area. It makes an every day childhood activity like going on the swings at the park into yet another segregated, regulated activity for kids who use wheelchairs. And really, parents of kids with disabilities don’t need yellow danger signs to tell them to ensure their child is safe; that’s what we do, all day, everyday. Having said that, a liberty swing is the only swing some people can use, so bring them on!



The children walking leaves room for improvement, but that’s alright; there will be plenty of practice!  We also had some ipod altercations. We had a picnic lunch and tried out our ‘blue mat’ . I had sewn a water proof backed lightweight mat for Sparky and Baby Boy to lie on. A person should never sit in a wheelchair in the same position for more than one hour. The blue mat worked a treat, and will enable Sparky to have a stretch and a wiggle when ever we are out about about, even if the ground is wet or dirty.


Across the park we saw acrobats training on a high swing. I have lived here most of my life and never knew there was a circus training centre! Its amazing how much more you see by going on foot.


We finished our walk and drove to Fremantle to the camping shop to try on women’s packs. They had one type available, not front loading, and without a daypack. Almost as useless as the guy working in the shop.

Next, Fremantle markets. Pre-children, this was our regular haunt. We love the buskers in the bar, the fruit and veg markets and the $10 massages.

Everyone was hungry, so we had a second lunch. The dodgy luke-warm food hall curries were a bad choice. The fresh cooked rotis were great. Note to self; always buy fresh cooked!  It must be a hangover from our Singapore trips that the children think whenever you eat at foodhalls, you should drink soy milk.


Successes: the ergo baby carrier is an absolute winner. Baby Boy loved it, he slept happily or looked around, and we both wore it on our fronts and our backs without any discomfort.
Our Keens sandals are comfy and good to walk in. I got blisters, but that’s the fault of my ridiculous feet.
The blue mat worked fine.
The ipod was not really necessary, children don’t actually need audio books while walking, and it turned out to be more of a hassle. And it might help if I actually learned how to order my audio files so we don’t get songs and random chapters all mixed up.
The children’s backpacks were just their school bags. They are hot and uncomfortable.  I’m really glad the children have carried then all day.  That’s because the great new super deluxe deuter fox 30 packs are still under the bed, being earnt, one job at a time. Aaaah, the tough lesson of delayed gratification.

Sparky’s  wheelchair was hot, heavy and uncomfortable. But we knew that, which is why we are building a new one.

Overall, a good day. Have you ever discovered something new by playing tourist in your own town?  Have you ever wished you gave a piece of gear a practice run?

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2 Responses to Tourists in our own town- for practice!

  1. Emma West November 3, 2011 at 6:13 pm #

    Hiya guys, it’s great to see your blog and hear what you’re up to! Looking forward to sharing your adventures. I am starting homeschooling with my boys next year… planning homeschooling is my big challenge now, and winding up well at the school eldest is currently in. I want to stay connected with my local community, so trying to make the most of this last term for making friends and spying out what the p.p. teacher has and uses with the kids.

    God bless you all. New bub is beautiful!


    • admin December 1, 2011 at 10:14 am #

      Hi Em!
      yes, homeschooling is challengeing, I’m kind of overwhelmed with all the options and approaches, i think at some point we’ll just pick a few key ideas and stick to them.
      He’s a lovely baby, just verging on the crawling stage!

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